So my second Stitch Fix box has arrived! Yay!   Even though I was kinda iffy about my first box, I was still pretty excited to see what they sent me this month.

If you're not familiar with Stitch fix, they have stylists that pick out 5 pieces of clothing/accessories for you to try based on your style preferences, for a $20 "styling fee" that is also credit toward your purchase if you keep anything.  They include a free return envelope so you can send back what you don't want.  Check out my blog post "My First Stitch Fix Review"  for more info!

Though I didn't end up keeping anything, I was pleasantly surprised with this fix!  Most of the items seemed to be a lot more like my style.  In this box I got 2 sleeveless tops, a maxi dress, a pair of orange jeans and a fun statement necklace.

These are Pink Martini brand Joshua ankle jeans in orange, and the top is Kristine floral print blouse.     The pants are not something I ever would have picked out for myself or tried on in a store, but I actually kind of like them! Unfortunately they were too small, but I did request that they send them again next month in the next size up.     I liked the shirt too, but I didn't like it $48 worth. (um, nah.)

Market and Spruce Harlin v-neck plaid knit shirt.  Once again, I liked it, but not enough to pay what they were asking.

Arc n Co  Bellatrix embroidered maxi dress.  This one looked pretty out of the box, and it was actually affordable, but when I tried it on it was just awkward. It was way too long, and the top didn't fit right at all. Plus, the slip layer underneath stops right under my crotch, which is weird. It visible on the outside where it stops, so it just looks silly. Why not just have it the whole length of the dress?    So yeah, this was a big no.

And finally, the Pixley Bellatrix necklace.  This is pretty cool looking, but it was a little too much necklace for me.  I'm not really the statement necklace kinda person.  I would have modeled it but it didn't really go with any of the clothing.

So, I didn't end up keeping anything in this box. You might call it another fail, but I was actually happy that they did a much better job picking out things for me this time.  Aside from the dress, I did like everything.  I would have kept the pants if they had fit.   So I will go ahead and try another box next month!   It is a lot of fun getting a grab bag box of clothes every month. I just wish the prices were a little more reasonable. Some items are okay, but others just seem ridiculous.

Want to give them a try yourself?  I'd really appreciate it if you'd use on my referral link!

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