After being obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the last year and a half or so, yesterday you have suddenly decided you would rather watch Bubble Guppies. I only had two episodes of it recorded, but you'd still rather watch those two episodes over and over rather than watch a new Mickey Mouse episode.  Not that I'm complaining, after all I have seen all of the Mickey Mouse episodes dozens of times now,  and its nice to get a little break. I think the Hot Dog song has been stuck in my head for a year straight now.

You also have a new Bubble Guppies doll that we got for you a few days ago (before you stopped watching Mickey), and it hasn't left your hands for more than a few minutes since you've gotten it.

I can't help wondering if perhaps you and Mickey had a fight that I missed.  When I mention his name, you shout "No!" and hide your face behind your hands.  But you don't seem to mind me talking about Minnie.  Whatever he did, I'm sure he didn't mean it and that he's very sorry.

I just thought it was funny how quickly you changed your mind about something you've loved for so long.   But...maybe tomorrow you'll want Mickey Mouse again. I kind of hope so.  You have way too many Mickey Mouse toys, clothing, and room decor to be giving him up completely.

Not to mention I've been dying to see your reaction to meeting your pal Mickey Mouse in person at Disney World!


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