Got my first fall Stitch Fix of the year! Even though it still feels like summer here in Vegas.  I can dream about cooler weather though...

If you've never heard of Stitch Fix, it's this really fun clothing service, perfect for people like me who don't always have time to shop or need help putting together outfits. You fill out your style profile, your sizes and likes, and they send you 5 hand-picked items. It's $20 to try, and if you decide to keep anything, the $20 goes toward your purchase. And should you decide to keep everything, you get 25% off too! Stitch Fix is highly addicting. The items they send do tend to be on pricey side though, so it's important to remember to only keep the things that you really love!
If you want to give them a try, I'd appreciate it if you'd use my referral link! I'll get a $25 credit, which would help me immensely with my Stitch Fix addiction! ;) The link:

On to my fix!  

For this fix, all I had requested were pants, and said other than that, to surprise me! So I was pretty  curious to see what I'd get.

Initally when I first tried everything on, I was a bit disappointed in it all (and at the same time, relieved, because I don't really have the money this month.) But then when I put everything back on again later to take photos...everything started to grow on me! Uh oh. I guess my stylist knew what she was doing. :)

Here's what I got...

Loveappella Stanyan V-Neck Knit top
Kut From The Kloth Brayden Cargo Skinny Pant

When I first saw this shirt, I was like,"Oh joy, more horizontal stripes! Yeah, that's just what I need." But it wasn't so bad when I tried it on. It's super comfy and I like the detail on the sleeves.

As for the pants, I kind of hated them the first time I tried them on. But when I put them on again later, they didn't seem so bad. Once I added the jacket (below) to the mix, I actually really started to dig the whole outfit.

Tart Patmos Faux leather bomber jacket

This jacket on the first try, I thought it was kind of cute, but not cute enough to justify the cost of it. And I still think it's way too much. But gosh, do I look good in it or what? :)

Rune Kiley Ankle Zip Legging
Market & Spruce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-sleeve Shirt

I'm not a leggings fan; I just don't feel comfortable in them. So these are one thing I really have no desire to keep at all. My husband loves them, of course, and wants me to keep them, but I'm not going to spend the money on something I know I'm not going to wear.

The shirt I kind of like. I like the style, but I just feel kind of iffy about it, so that should probably mean it's not a keeper. Plus I feel like it's a size too small.

And that's my fix! What do you think? Help me decide, because I can't!! :D

Look what I found outside my door!

My 12th Stitch Fix arrived!   I've gotten 12 fixes now and it hasn't gotten any less addicting.  I just loving have cute clothes show up at my door every month!  Retail therapy without the stress of my toddler trying to sneak out of the dressing room or singing/shouting at the top of her lungs for the other shoppers' benefit.  :D  Plus I love getting to try new things I wouldn't normally pick up, and being pleasantly surprised with the results!

If you're new to Stitch Fix, you should check it out.  You fill out a style profile with your sizes and preferences, also make a pinterest board with styles you like and particular Stitch Fix items you're interested in.  For $20 they'll hand pick 5 items for you and send them to you, free shipping (both ways).  They also send style cards with ideas on what to wear with each item, awesome if you're like me and terrible at putting together a look.  You have about 3 days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. The $20 you spent for the box goes toward what you keep, and if you keep all 5 pieces you get an additional 25% off!   And even better, you can get a fix as often or as little as you want.

For this fix I had requested cropped pants or capris,  summer tops, and asked for maybe a purse or a summer dress.   I had pinned lots of cute new stuff to my style board I was hoping to get.  Well, my stylist sure did try, but unfortunately most of the items I had wanted were out of stock.   She did send me some cute jeans and a purse I had pinned though, so I'm still happy.

Want to see?

Just Black Rogers Distressed Boyfriend Jean
These are great.  They have a relaxed fit at the waist but taper slightly down the leg.  Since I was looking for cropped pants, I rolled them into cuffs.  Kept!

Pixley Rolfe Geo Print Top
This was just okay at first, but it actually grew on me and I really like it.   As much as I like it though, I'm probably not going to keep it...the price is too high for such a simple top.

Skies are Blue Wexford Embroidered Detail Knit Top
This is okay. The detail is pretty, but I wasn't crazy about the color on me.   Not keeping.

Gilli Mitchel Maxi Dress
I had actually pinned this one but in a different color, but its a big fat no. For one, its too small. But even if it did fit,  it'd still be a no. All those horizontal stripes were terribly unflattering on me.  I feel like it makes me look 15lbs heavier.  I'm not really into maxi dresses anyway.

Shiraleah Riva Colorblock Clutch
Love it!  This one I had spotted on Stitch Fix's "This Just In" board and had pinned.  Its pretty darn cute. Only issue I have with it is the strap is really long and it only adjusts to make it longer....that's kind of weird.    Keeping though.

So that's my fix for the month!    If you're interested in trying out Stitch Fix for yourself, I'd really appreciate it if you'd use my referral link!  It'll give me a small credit to use in future purchases, which would help me out a ton since I'm addicted to it!

  Back in January my grandfather's house burned in a fire, leaving my grandpa and my mom homeless with just the clothes on their backs.   No one was hurt, thank God, but it was a pretty terrible time.  Friends were very supportive, and thank goodness for insurance.  But of course, some things just can't be replaced, like the house itself, which has been in the family for over 50 years. They built it when my mom was just 2 years old.   I have so many fond memories of this house from my childhood.

  I went home to visit them last month.  They're in a temporary place while they decide where they want to end up living more permanently.  While visiting I made several trips to the house to help my mom try to salvage some of their belongings.    Let me tell you, it was a very surreal experience walking through the house and seeing it like that. 

  At first I was fascinated by the wreckage...I'd never actually seen anything like it before, and I just wanted to take pictures of everything...typical me.   But the more times I went in, the more unnerving it became. The more it sunk in that this is it, the house is really gone.   By the final time I went inside, I just wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible, because it just felt so ominous inside.

  Before I left though, I had to take a few moments to look around and just take it all in one more time.  I stood in the kitchen and saw it as it was before, with my family there. My grandmother at the stove, my grandpa at the kitchen table.  Myself as a child, using a stepladder as a chair and eating my dinner off of the pull-out cutting board because there wasn't room at the table.  

  And even the big yard outside, which still looks the same,  but I knew I wouldn't likely get to visit again. I could see my brothers and I as children playing with our cousins,  games like "Beat each other up" and "Man Hunt."     

  And of course, I will always remember my grandparents waving goodbye from the porch door or the big picture window, as they did every time we'd leave after a visit.

  I had to take it all in one more time, and say goodbye. Its so sad to think that I won't ever get to visit the house again.  Part of me kind of felt like it would always be there for me.   And if its hard for me, I can only imagine how difficult it is for my mom and my grandpa, who spent so much of their lives there.

  You never think that this sort of thing could happen to you, or to your family, but it can. It does.

 And because I don't want to leave this on such a sad note, I thought I would close with a couple photos of some happier times at the house.  :)

     I will miss this old house, but it will stand untouched in my memories and dreams. 

I found that good ol' Stitch Fix box in my mail again!  It always brightens my day. This time I had requested black cropped pants and summer tops.  So what did they send me?  Well, I'll show you, just as soon as I explain what Stitch Fix is again, for the folks that don't already know.

Stitch Fix is like your own personal stylist/shopper.  You fill out a style profile with your sizes and preferences, and for a $20 styling fee, they send you a box with 5 items hand picked for you!   Try them on, send back what you don't want to keep, and the $20 fee you paid goes toward your final do lose it though if you don't keep anything.   If you decide to keep all 5 things, you get an additional 25% off!    The items are a bit on the pricier far mine have ranged from  $28-$98, with most things falling somewhere in the middle.

Oh, and you can get a box as often or as little as you'd like!

It's really convenient if you're like me and aren't able to go out clothes shopping very much, or if you're not good at putting outfits together.  They always include a styling card with ideas on what to wear with each item!

Anyway, onto this month's fix.

Market & Spruce Mori Top
I actually like everything about this top except for the print. It just struck me as kind of "Momish" looking, lol (but you ARE a mom, Kim!!)  If it were a solid color or a different print I'd probably want to keep it.  Actually, looking at the pictures now, I'm almost tempted to keep it because it seems to make me look slimmer! ;)

Papermoon Wynn Front Pocket Blouse
First, disregard my crazy hair...I didn't know it was windy out.
I didn't like anything about this top.  Not the print, not the style. And as soon as I pulled it out of the box I was thinking, "Why did they send me another long sleeved shirt when I asked for summer tops?

Margaret M Emer High Waisted cropped trousers
I was really excited to see these pants in my fix!  I'd been eying them for a while and had pinned them once or twice on my style board.  They're kind of strange looking before you put them on...kind of a stretchy material with no buttons, zippers or pockets. But they look pretty awesome on.   I only wish they had back pockets, and that they were just a teensy bit shorter. For cropped pants, they're not that cropped.

Pixley Misty Scarf Print Ribbon Strap Blouse
I wasn't really feeling the print on this one.  A little to "LOOK AT ME!!"   

Caramela Bellatrix Lace Detail Cardigan
I got this one in a previous fix, in a darker blue color.  I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now in the new color.  Mostly I think its the drapey material down the front that I don't like.  But anyway, once again I was wondering why they sent me this?  The note from my stylist said it was for "those breezy summer nights," well, maybe for the rest of the world...not here, it's still dang near 100 degrees at night. :)

So the verdict?  I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the pants.  If I had the money, I might have kept the first top too, but I don't, and like I said, I wasn't totally sold on that one anyway.

Want to try out Stitch Fix yourself?  I'd appreciate it if you'd use my referral link! It'll give me  a small credit toward future purchases, and I could use all the help I can get! ;)

 Til next time!   <3

Got my May Stitch Fix, and absolutely loved it!

Before I tell you about it, first I must explain what Stitch Fix is, for the folks that don't know.  It's a nifty online styling service, perfect for people that don't have time to go out shopping or that aren't really good at putting together outfits!   You fill out your style profile and as often or as little as you like they'll send you a box with 5 pieces hand picked for you based on your style preferences, and include a card with helpful tips on what to wear with each piece. Each box has a $20 styling fee, but it goes toward your purchase if you decide to keep anything. Whatever you don't like, you send back for free.  If you decide you want it all, you get a 25% discount!   It's really addictive, I'll warn you!  So far I've the clothing prices for me have ranged from $28-$88, so I try to only keep the things I really love.

And they won't always get it right...I've gotten a couple boxes where I wondered if the stylist even looked at my profile or pinterest board.   But other times they nail it! The more feedback they get from you the more they'll understand your style.

On to my fix!

Urban Expressions Richie Asymmetrical Clutch in Green
I was a little disappointed when I first opened the box and saw that I didn't get the bag I had requested...but alas, sometimes specific things just aren't available. They sent me this clutch instead.   I don't like it at all, just not my thing. It actually looks kind of cute in the picture, but you can't see that it's actually pretty large for a clutch.  I hardly ever use a clutch anyway, and I certainly wouldn't use an over-sized one.   I feel like they just sent me this because it was the same color as the bag I'd asked for. 

But the clothing in my fix...well, this is a first. I loved it all! This is the first time I've ever considered keeping the whole box!  I mean,  I only want 4 of the 5 things, but with the 25% discount you get for keeping it all, its actually cheaper to keep all 5 then just the 4 I want.

41Hawthorn Milan Lace Print Top in Grey
This top probably isn't something I would have pulled off the rack at a store, but I was pleasantly surprised by it when I tried it on. So pretty and feminine.

Level 99 Patrick Cropped Chino Pant in Light Blue
Loved the pants too! I was hoping they'd send me some cropped pants and they did not disappoint. They went perfectly with the top.

Daniel Rainn Judy Split Neck Blouse in Black
Another great top!  It  looks really great with dark jeans or black pants, but when I was taking the pictures I was too lazy to change out of the blue chinos, haha. ;)

Fun2Fun Marlena Abstract Print Tab Sleeve Blouse in Green
Lol, I blinked in this one, but my hair looks good so that's all that matters right? Haha! :)   Okay, when I first tried this on I wasn't crazy about it. And I was also wondering why the heck they sent me a long sleeved shirt when I asked for summer tops. But then I saw that the sleeves can be rolled up and buttoned, and that changed the whole look of the shirt and I actually liked it!  Plus, its another shirt that goes well with the blue chinos. 

And that's it!   So, I still have another day to decide on what to keep and the decision hasn't gotten any easier.    I must admit, I am tempted to keep it all...hey, its my birthday/anniversary/mothers day week, right???  Oh well, one more day to think on it.

What would you keep? :)

If you'd like to give Stitch Fix a try, I'd really appreciate it if you'd use my referral link:    When you get your first fix they'll give me a small credit toward my next purchase.  But no worries if you're uncomfortable with that.   

 Another Stitch Fix review!  I swear, I'll post something unrelated to Stitch Fix eventually, hehe.   Actually, I should be soon...I've finally gotten around to putting up picture ledges in my living room, so I should post pictures of that!  They're still waiting for me to put pictures in the picture frames though.

Its always exciting to find this box waiting in my mail box!  Even my kiddo was excited..that's her reaching for it.  She gets excited about any mail that comes. Even the junk mail.

Before I get started on the review,  let me tell you what Stitch Fix is about.  If you know already, well by all means, skip ahead!  :)    Stitch fix is this really cool service that sends clothing and accessories right to your door.   I don't know about you, but I don't get to go out clothes shopping much anymore...with a toddler, its usually too much of a hassle, so I was really intrigued by the idea of Stitch Fix.   When you sign up you fill out a style profile with your sizes and all your style preferences.  They also suggest that you make a pinterest board to pin looks that you like.   For a $20 styling fee per fix (and you can set it up for monthly, bimonthly, or you can even just order one every now and then when you feel like subscription,)  a stylist will hand pick 5 items they think you will love base on your profile and pins and send to you.  You pick what you want to keep, and send back what you don't want, and they pay for the shipping.   The $20 styling fee will go toward your purchase if you decide to keep anything.  If you want to keep all 5 things, you get an addition 25% off.

Do they get it right every time?  No, of course not.  But the more times you do it, the more they learn your style and the better chances you'll have at getting pieces you love.    And its addicting, let me tell you.  I get it monthly and I can hardly wait for the month to go by!

And as far as the prices go...well, it is on the higher side.  I've gotten items that cost anywhere from $28 to $88.    That's pretty high for me, who tends to shop at Old Navy and the like.   So I try to only keep things I REALLY love.

And BTW, thanks to whoever signed up with my referral link!   I really appreciate it, it gave me a credit toward my next purchase, which is a big help!  Hope you like Stitch Fix as much as I do!

On to my fix.

Street Level Demi Fold Over Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag

I had requested a specific purse I'd seen on some other Stitch Fix reviews...they weren't able to send me it this time, but they did send me this one , in the same color as the purse I'd asked for.     I love this pop of color.  I do wish the purse had more detail though...the front is a little plain. I'm still probably going to keep it though.

Collective Concepts Mendolan Pintuck Detailed Jersey Tank

I saw this top on another blog and requested it.  I do really like it...but I didn't love it enough to pay how much they were asking for it unfortunately.  Don't get me wrong now, some of their things are perfectly affordable, but others you're just like, "Are you kidding me??"

Papermoon Maybelle Striped Sheer Back Tank
Kut From The Kloth Haiden Straight Leg Jean  

 I like this top, just not so much on me.  It looks cute from the side like pictured, but straight on...well, you know, horizontal stripes aren't usually the most flattering thing.

And I liked the jeans, too. They fit perfectly!  However, I have a similar pair already, that I paid a lot less for, so it didn't make any sense to buy these.   

41Hawthorn Tristan Crochet Detail Blouse.
I hated this...not my style at all.   I normally like fun little details like the crotchet cutouts, but it just looked out of place with this shirt.   When I modeled it for my husband, he laughed...that's never a good sign!  ;)

And that's it!   I haven't returned it yet, but I think I'm just going to keep the purse from this one.

Interested in trying out Stitch Fix yourself?   I'd really appreciate it if you'd use my referral link!  I get a small credit toward my next purchase when you receive your first fix.   You know you want to try it! :)


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