Being a stay at home mom, a girl has to find ways to entertain herself.  Me, I love to shop. I am definitely guilty of being a shopaholic.  And I love to go clothes shopping, but since having a kid I find its just not as easy to do as it used to be.  It's hard to relax and shop when you're wrestling a toddler that doesn't want to sit in a cart and would rather be running amok through aisles.   So when I found out about Stitch Fix, I was intrigued.  It's like shopping but the store comes to you! 

Stitch Fix claims to give you your own personal stylist. You fill out a style profile with your preferences, and they also encourage you to make a pinterest board with styles you like.  Then based on your style preferences they send you 5 pieces of clothing and/or accessories right to your home. They also send you styling cards with ideas on what to wear with each item.  You try it all on and then send back what you don't want in a prepaid envelope.  There's a $20 "styling fee",  but its credit toward your purchase if you decide to keep anything.  They also give you 25% off if you keep all 5 items.

But what are the prices like, you ask?   Well, they are a bit on the pricey side.   The website says the average price is $55, and the items that came in my first box ranged from $34-$68.   So, for someone that usually shops at Old Navy....yeah, that's a bit much.  But, despite the high prices I decided to give it a try and see what it was all about.       

So,  on to my first fix! I was super excited when it arrived, however my first thoughts on opening the box were "Hmm...looks like my stylist wasn't paying attention."   Nothing in the box looked anything like the styles I had selected in my style profile, or like the styles I had pinned on pinterest.  Did they even check?  But still, here it was, so of course I was going to try everything on. Maybe I would be pleasantly surprised?

So first up, and please forgive my creepy white legs, lol, I dunno why they look like that in this picture,  we have the Renee C Rawlie V-neck Abstract dress.  It wasn't completely awful, but I didn't love it. It was also too small in the hips so I couldn't have kept it even if I wanted to.

Next, the Gilli Sarina Abstract Chevron Maxi Skirt, and Market and Spruce Sam Hi Lo Tee.    My thoughts on this outfit are, "Blaaaaah."   I know a lot of people are into maxi skirts, but its not my style at all.   And as for the shirt, I liked the fabric but not the fit. Even adding a belt didn't help. Thumbs down on this outfit.

Below is the Renee C Tucker Paisley Split Back Tank.  This one I ended up keeping.   When I pulled it out of the box I was pretty sure I was going to hate it, but I actually liked it on. Its not like anything else in my wardrobe, but its cute.  I like the funky print.  I'm not that crazy about the split back (forgot to take a picture, sorry...) but it wasn't a deal breaker.

And finally, this Bay to Baubles Diaz Leaf & Bead Layering Necklace.   It was kinda pretty, but I'm not a big jewelry person,  so I'd have to really love it to want to keep it.

So, there ya have it. Five things, only liked one.    Even though the first box was mostly a miss, I'm still going to try at least one more. They claim that the more times you order and leave feedback, the better they get at finding things you'll love, so we'll give it another shot. I really do love the idea of this! So here's hoping for some goodies next month. I'll try to get better pictures next time. ;)

So that's it!  Just wanted to share my own review in case anyone else was thinking about trying it out but wanted some more input. Hope it helps. :) 
Want to give them a try yourself?  Sign up for Stitch Fix!

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