I just finished a little mini project so I thought I'd share.   I was keeping my cooking utensils in a plain white container,  but lately I've been trying to add blue and orange accents to my kitchen,  so I decided I'd paint a couple of large mason jars and use them to hold my cooking utensils.

They were really easy to make.  I started out with two brand new large mason jars, and just painted them with regular craft paint.

Don't mind my photo bombing kitty.

Now, I didn't realize when I picked them up, but I bought two different brands of paint.  Same kind of paint, but different brands. The blue one went on great, but the orange was a mess.  The photo below shows both jars after two coats of paint.  The blue one is done but you can see the orange is pretty blotchy still. I ended up having to do four coats of the orange. 

After they were painted, I left them sit overnight to completely dry.  Then came the fun part: distressing!   Using a couple of emery boards I just sanded over the raised areas, around the top and bottom of the jars and anywhere else I felt like to give it an aged distressed look.  Then I sprayed them both with two coats of sealer, and finally to top it off I just tied some colored jute string around them.  I think they came out pretty cute!

Below is my previous cooking utensil mess in a jar.

And my new jars! 

 They're pretty cute...but the problem is, the mouth of each jar isn't wide enough to hold all of the utensils I had had in the previous container.  So my options are:  paint one more jar; put the extra utensils in a drawer; or just find a different use for these masons jars...maybe put flowers in them or something.  What do you think?

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  1. I absolutely love this! My kitchen is red and I want to add some turquoise accents. What a perfect way to do so!



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