Gave my laundry room a little pick-me-up.  There's still a lot more I can do with this room, but I thought I'd share this small bit of progress just so I have something to share!

First the before picture.

And after!

Amazing the difference a few baskets can make!  Most of the clutter is still up there, but out of sight now in the baskets. I got them at Michaels for 50% off.  And I added a rug from Walmart just to give a little more color to the room, it was so stark and cold before.    There's still plenty more I can do in this room.  I'm thinking maybe a wall mounted ironing board and maybe a card table for folding clothes   And there's wall space for more shelves, or maybe some art, if I can find the sort of wall art appropriate for a laundry room (trip to Hobby Lobby, anybody??) Wish I could think of a way to cover up where the washer hoses go into the wall, that's pretty ugly....but hey, it is just the laundry room. Not like anybody sees it but me!

If anyone has any more tips for sprucing up this small space let me know! :)

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  1. I'd definitely put one of the slim set of drawers made to go between the washer & dryer ... it can hold all your cleaners, etc. out of sight but handy.
    It looks great!!!



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