I'm not good with blogs. I've started a few in the past, and they always end up petering out. I just don't seem to keep up with them.  But here I am again...starting yet another!

What is this one about?  Well, its the new year. I don't really bother with making resolutions usually, nobody ever keeps them, but this year I really want to put my mind to making my home feel more like...well, home!  First I should probably mention that I'm a military wife, so no home ever ends up being home for too long.  We're new to Las Vegas now,  been here for about 6 months and honestly, I don't like it. It doesn't feel like it will ever feel like home here, but I realize that I'm stuck here and I may as well try to make the best of it!

I live on base.  I don't know if you've ever seen base housing before, but its pretty basic and boring.  White walls, ugly white tile floor that always looks dirty. And this one is tiny. Like, really tiny.  Two bedrooms and very small living space.   So despite having only been here for a few months, my house is a disaster because I have no place to put anything!

I was just letting the mess take over and being depressed about it...but then I started checking out pinterest and blogs and have gotten so many ideas for organizing and for diy projects. I've got so many ideas floating around in my head now that I want to try!  So I'm hoping I can spend this year working on all that. Hence the start of this blog, where I can share my progress (hopefully there will be some!) and projects with anyone who cares to see it.  You will get to see photos of the mess that is my house right now, and hopefully photos of it looking much better later!  Though...I do have a toddler (and a husband!) so I'm probably doomed to always have a messy home. But hopefully I can make my small space work a little better for me and make it feel more like home...until its time to move on again.

I may post other stuff too. About raising my wild toddler, or rants about military life.

Or maybe I won't post much of anything, as usually ends up being the case. We shall see. ;)

A photo of my family, taken by Canico Studios.

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